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  1. Mary Ellen Adams says:

    I was also taught to quilt fast, and I just was not pleased with the results. Then, I saw a demo at our local quilt shoe a few years back and the lady was quilting slowly as you do. I asked her if she always quilted at that speed or was it just for the demo. She said it wasn’t a race and that her eye and hand coordination were not such that she could go much faster and have the results she wanted. So, I have slowed down and the results are much better. Thanks for reinforcing the idea!

  2. Pam says:

    Great, I guess we all have to quilt in the way that works bet for us.
    Maybe the gal who taught me did well by quilting fast… I don’t know, but even for a newby, it didn’t seem to make sense to me.

  3. Great video Pam!
    I a SO frustrated I can’t download your pod-casts!

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