What is the definition of a quilt?

I'm so sick of feeling cold. It was -4 this morning and I had to go out in the joggers….!!! as a consequence I've been cold all day…

Quilting today….

This is the back of the texture quilt.


I've been working on my 2010 and 2011 calendars today. I really dislike bookwork, but it has to be done… Even though I have this time off, the next couple of years are pretty darn busy with some exciting new ideas coming to fruition.

I also wrote a paper on the definition of a quilt. I get a little hot under the collar about things at times, so now rather than writing about it immediately, I write a journal….. sort of gets it out of the system…

What is the definition of a quilt….. anyone really know?

Download Is it a quilt

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  1. plantlady@rochester.rr.com says:

    When I first began to make quilts the battle lines were drawn over hand pieced and hand quilted versus the machine pieced and tied!If the artist calls her piece a quilt who am I to argue with her? Three layers of something held together somehow. Works for me.
    I live in the Finger Lakes area of New York State and we are just starting to turn on our heat. I am not looking forward to the cold! Hope you warm up.

  2. Pam says:

    Holly, I agree with you, however, I viewed a single layer of fabric exhibited as a quilt

  3. Frances B. says:

    Pam, I was unable to download “Is It A Quilt” –could you provide a link to it rather than a download (I would like to read it)? Thanks’
    Never having been to Australia, I am so surprised to hear how cold it gets there! Your warm weather must be on the way, just as cold weather is on the way to northern climes.

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