The Texture quilt is almost finished… and I was really surprised to find that the quilting has shrunk the quilt by almost 3/4".


The quilting has given wonderful depth to the pebbles, which are quilted in circles… the intensity of the straight quilting on the border has given it balance.

This quit is called textures because I wanted to see if different designs can be combined… and I think it works well.

I've used smoke mono filament on the top… mmm, it's OK, but not perfect…. I prefer cotton. The mono is  much less pliable  cotton.



The quilting on the Bayeux, shrinks the depth of the quilt by 1" and the length of each panel by 3".

In my early days of quilting, I got caught by not considering how much the quilting changes the size of a quilt overall so it's something to take into consideration if you are working to a particular size.

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