Koala’s and kids.

It's 30 degrees in the shed, I'm in heaven……..and I've just finished editing my film for the Quilt show… so watch out for it.

There is a Koala outside making an awful noise, but I can't see him, every time I go out he stops…. and why do I say "He" well it's only the male that makes the noise.


he's about 40 feet up in the tree.

The other day I was driving down the freeway with my daughter and granddaughter and we saw a koala on the road.

We Australian know that is a rare occurrence, they certainty aren't like deer.

On our freeway we have a 3 ft cement barrier in the centre of the road and he was walking up and down trying to get over… The cars were speeding past. Now believe it or not we do have koala ladders on the barriers, but he was quite a distance from the nearest one.

Rach rang parks and wildlife and got put through to the "Koala hot line"…I didn't even know we had such a thing….!!!

She told them where he was and within a few minutes they had notified the radio stations and they broadcast  to be aware of the poor little guy.

Only in Australia.

Son Josh (34) got enthusiastic doing his washing today and broke the door of my machine…. GRNNNN

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