Do you ever sit and watch people, and make up stories.

Do you ever wonder what circumstance bought that person into the same space as yourself.

I DO, and I make up stories in my head.

As I was having my coffee today, I was being "eye visited" by this guy… you know what it's like every time you look in his directions he's looking at you…

I ate my croissant as delicately as I could… but still the crumbs when down my white shirt and as usual, I missed my mouth with the froth on top of the "skinny latte'

Four young ladies greeted each other with hugs and kisses and animated dialogue, all of them were about 6 ft tall, another four arrived to join the party, they were also very, very tall. I couldn't believe it…So I figure they were they had to be a basketball team or at least a volley ball team on holiday, then again it could be something in the water in Adelaide or even a convention of tall ladies looking for tall men…. I know they have them I've seen it on reality TV.

The middling man finished with his gaze, and held his Mothers hand…. (she must have thought kindly of him cos she paid for the meal) when he got up he grabbed his bag and put it over his arm just like his Mum, only on the opposite  arm…making them look like book ends… the belt of his trousers were almost up to his waist and his white sox showed 3" between his cuffed pants and shoes…!!! cute look. I bet he lives over the book shop with his cat and the upright piano of his childhood.

The man next to me seemed to be in the middle of a business deal…. he jiggled his knee constantly almost tipping over his continuous rounds of coffee… (he had three in the short time I was there) he tapped his pen on the table and I figured he just wasn't a happy chappy. I was tempted to give him a comforting pat on the shoulder as I walked past…. but I didn't…

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