Quilting on the Internet.

It's been a lovely day today.

The weather is just super and I've been able to get a lot of work done.

I marvel at what is available to us now, -  media wise that is.

Today a attended a "webinar" a seminar on the web. It was an intellectual quilting subject and shared the seminar with  over 100 others from all parts of the world.

There is nothing we can't get from the web. We have information at our fingertips.

When I first got my computer, many years ago now…..I joined Quiltingbee in the USA and I was "Pam in the shed" I still meet people who know me by that name.

Then I joined Scquilters in Australia and NZ and I couldn't wait to see what was being talked about each day.

Sadly I don't have time for for either anymore… but now we all have blogs, and web pages.

I send huge files  overseas at the flick of a button.

I still use a lot of books for information, but the web…. amazing.

Every day there is a comment to view on facebook or twitter and then I get lovely comments on the blog.

The world is indeed smaller with the advent of the Internet.

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