Texture quilt – almost finished…

Another warm day today… I just LOVE this weather.

It was so hot today we had a power outage… I was sitting in the TV room and I could hear this terrible noise… it was my electric toothbrush taking off on it's own because the power had gone off… It took me ages to get it under control…

If the blog is running a little slow, I think it is the Type-pad publisher… I have contacted them, but they have just re-configured their doolally...they state they are "Looking into it."

I've almost finished the texture quilt… I have some beading to do on it, the binding and label… I'm really happy with it with the exception that the mono filament came through ….minimally on the back, and despite that I achieved the look I wanted.

I toyed with quilting inside —- what looks like wrought iron, but I've decided against it…

I really feel it stands out more as it is than if I quilted in that space. I did try a little quilting and didn't like it so I will have to unpick it…




I used mono filament on the top of the quilt as I explained earlier… this is a practice piece for the quilting of the illustrated rhino but it is No 1. of a series for my portfolio. Next piece will be done in pencil and quilted.

It's hard to tell by looking at the picture, but I did quilt every little clam shell  (foolishly)


and I love the depth in the next piece,  it has a 3D effect.

I just want to touch the quilt.. and that was the effect I was looking for.

The small black dots in the left hand panel will be small red beads and there will be one hand quilted red line in the quilt.


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