Month: November 2009

Challenge block No 1.

No Podcast tonight… It's a grey day today… A friend of ours lost her fight for life after a long struggle and I just don't feel like talking much at the moment….. so I'm going in to watch TV and get lost in a movie. I completed the illustration for my challenge during the day, the Design is in the detail. I can't quilt it yet because I forgot that I lent my monofilament thread to my friend. It will be quilted on every drawn line.

Block No 1.

So the time is up… Block No 1. This time last week Carolyn and I were in the rain forest. It was a magical place. So I decided on the rain forest. I've only had a couple of hours to do the project today, and I can't quilt it because I lent my monofilament thread  to my friend…. I'll have it back on Tuesday. I scanned my drawing, in fact I drew it smaller than 6" because I had to use an hotel cup holder as a guide. I enlarged it to 6" today by putting the picture into 'pages' the mac equivalent of word. I could re size the pattern to 6" square by using the ruler in the program. Then I traced the picture onto a good quality fabric with a 05 black pigment ink pen. The fabric is not as high thread count as I would really like, but… it was the colour I liked. The fabric is not washed. Next I colored and shaded with Tsukineko fabrico pens. I'm going to …

Walk on the Wild side in Sydney.

I got up early and walked around the Rocks area of Sydney yesterday. I stopped in a small cafe and had breakfast. They were just setting up the weekly market and it was fun just watching the passers by. It was hot and I relished the sun on my back. I walked and engages in smiling conversation with people I met. The Devil is in the detail…. the detail I saw….  

Things to see in Sydney.

I can't believe that I've spent an entire day without my camera at my side. I visited friends today and I knew the photo opportunities would be limited so I left it at the hotel because I had to carry quilts on the train. I leave Sydney for home tomorrow and the weekend is pretty well scheduled. Of course I have to complete my "Devil is in the Detail" quilt for this week. It must be done by midnight Sunday. That's the rules…. but then again I guess rules are made to be bent…. I've seen some wonderful things here in Sydney. The art gallery of course, but I came upon a Unicef display yesterday and it was photo journalism of 6 year old children around the world and they have illustrated how they see themselves. The concept would make wonderful textile art.   I was very moved by the pictures. I'm going to try the idea with my small grandies… (I don't think it will work on the uni going ones or the 16 …

The Gallery

  The Gallery…. I visit galleries all over the world, so if decide to create this as a small quilt I'll need to add something particular to the Art Gallery of NSW. Maybe an image on fabric of the ticket I purchased, it could be part of the backing of the quilt. Thought process. Raw edge applique for the pictures…. (I could draw in them, but I think it's a bit too fussy already) The background wall of the gallery will be that lovely dark burnt orange we see in so many galleries. the Horizontal quilting will be hand quilted. The plants in the vase will be couched by machine. The floor will be illustrated and maybe each square will be a different color?   I don't know till I audition…. I think it would take me about 2 hours to complete. What did I photograph for inspiration?    

New Ideas

I think I slept for 10 hours last night. I woke up and thought "I should be working in the shed", then turned over and went back to sleep.!!!! what a luxury. I did a few hours filming this morning, then changed into the shorts and t's and walked up to the Art gallery of NSW. My main objective was to see the exhibition Garden and Cosmos. The 17th, – 19th century paintings reveal the palaces, courtiers and families of the Jodhpurs rulers and their luxurious court life, with their glorious gardens in desert palaces. The detail was amazing. Great day. This evening I went to see the show Mamma Mia…. it was wonderful, I found myself smiling through the whole program.