Outside of Quilting.

Seraphine Louis a unique artist.

Today I had a few hours off and went to see the movie Seraphine. 

I had read the reviews:- Seraphine, Martin Provost’s new film, winner of seven Césars, including best film. Maybe French movies about painters with a special gift for rendering flowers are exempt from the usual banal biopic logic. 

It's a long movie, sad, poignant, humorous in places and it makes you re-examine your thoughts on genius.

The scenery is wonderful and transported me back to the small french villages I've stayed in.

I'm glad I went on my own… it gave me time to reflect.

So if you want a good thinking movie… go see Seraphine.

I also picked up a new book that was recommended….

The Gang of four by Liz Byrski. I've not read enough to comment yet… but I'll let you know.

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