That darn Koala

You just know it's going to be an interesting morning when put hair gel on your face instead of your hair…(At least it helped with the wrinkles…)

We also had a Koala fight in our gumtree this morning, The Male was trying to have his way and the female and her baby were not having any of it… the noise was amazing… I rushed in to get my video camera. The first frame is the female, her ears were back and her eyes tight… the rest of the film is of the jilted male… the baby climbed right up to the top of the tree, some 150 feet up to get out of his way and sat up there wailing.

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  1. Penny globe says:

    Pam, it doesn’t matter the species, they all fight over us!! LoL
    Thanks for your blog, I enjoy visiting from time to time.

  2. Pam says:

    I don’t know, I haven’t had anyone fighting over me… BUT maybe i should put it on my wish list.

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