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I’m short and old.

It's almost 10.00 pm, I've been out here since 6.00 am and I'm about to retire.

I didn't get the  AgaPAMthus today… I had other things to work on…. in fact, I guess I can tell you…. I quilted an entire lady today, she's almost 2 feet tall….

It's a special project so I can't share… but she

 has an interesting air about her.

The air conditioner was pumping today with the temperature rising to 39 deg, (104). My cleaners came in smiling…"Well I guess you're happy now" they said… knowing I love hot weather.

I had this photo sent to me…  OK, so I'm short and old and Georgia is 15 and very tall and makes beautiful quilts.


This is her quilt….


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I travel the world teaching and talking. Photographing and writing, Sharing experiences What a way to go.


  1. monique button says

    Short and Old?? PFT! With age comes experience and the ‘Tall one’ would LOVE even half yours!!!
    ps..shes 14.
    proud mum


  2. Gorgia has so much time to get the experience!
    I don’t think we will be much older before we will be able to say about a very talented and well known artist , ‘I remember Georgia winning her first sewing machine!’
    Hmm! We can say that already!
    Judy B


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