I had a 4.00 am start this morning, and I still had to run for the plane.

I actually got to the airport on time, but I was having breakfast in the club and forgot I was going to Brisbane via Sydney…. I heard them call the Sydney flight…. No, I'm going to Brisbane I thought.

Over the loudspeaker in modulated tones….."If Pam Holland is in the lounge,  your fight is about to leave, please make your way to the gates." So there I was running down the carpet to  gate 19.

I was so tired I slept most of the way to Sydney, and I think I snored cos I woke myself up with a noise a bit like an oink. How embarrassing.

On the Sydney to Brisbane leg, I was joined by an interesting character. He talked to himself a lot, made bodily function noises and had difficulty waking up to get off the plane. He also fell asleep with hot coffee in his hand,"Should I take it off him or let him spill it?" Before I could make a decision, he spilled it all over his neighbor and himself.

Now I'm also going to give you a warning.

Friend Carolyn and I were walking out of the terminal. A woman of largish proportions was walking in front of us. She had a Multi stripe dress on that had a full skirt and the panel around the rump area was white. She had on playboy mansion undies and I'm sure she didn't realize that the white panel was like a window, almost translucent.

Should I say. "Nice undies honey, but pull the blinds down on your window"?

Now I'm in Brisbane. It's hot and tropical and full of Agapanthus and the most amazing flowering trees.

We went to an hotel for lunch. I've never seen decor like it before…. amazing. Cloudlands, see what you think. I did ask the man behind the desk who the interior designer was. I sort of think she was on some sort of medication. It's fabulous.

Gallery of photos.


You can find inspiration everywhere in this place. This was a door, I think.


wonderful images


Can you get arrested for photographing in the loo.?

We also visited a quilt shop, but I will do a review tomorrow after visiting the craft market.

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