The magic of the rainforest.

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A delightful day.

It dawned quite hot and humid and after breakfast we made our way down the coast to Mt Tamborine.

The scenery is spectacular, the green fields are fringed with purple jacarandas and the occasional stand of trees with bright red flowers…

The road wound high into the mountains, the stands of rain forest increased and the air became cooler.
We had lunch at a Polish restaurant overlooking the valley. The breeze was warm but refreshing and the scenery spectacular. We watched as hang gliders gently soared through hot air to the valley below, their wingspan slicing the air like giant birds slowly twisting and turning on invisible thermal supports.


We stopped for a few more photo ops… a quaint church, a fence fringed with agapanthus, a lichen covered fence post and the ever present bird life.

Late afternoon found us at O’Rileys Resort in the Lamington National Park. 

 This is a wild parrot who came and sat on my head when I was standing on my balcony.

It wasn’t long before we were walking with camera at the ready through the dense rain forest.
High in the canopy the late afternoon sun sent orange shafts of light to pin point a chosen piece of the forest. The bird calls echoed across the valley and were made more intense by being captured amongst the trees.



Ferns with new leaves were the main subject of my camera and the time flew by.

We wanted to film the sunset and stood quietly with many of the other residents watching the magnificence of nature produce a painting in front of our eyes.

It’s 2.30 am right now. It’s quiet, dark and brooding. The moon is thin and waning an sends a soft light across the valley.
There isn’t a breath of air even though we are situated on top of a mountain.
It’s a magical place.

We have a bird walk early in the morning so I need to go back to bed to be up in time…!!!

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  1. Carole Kokinis says:

    Wonderful photos. Thank you. Some great quilting and applique patterns.

  2. Pam says:

    Yes, they are in the sketch book already…. thanks for you comments….

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