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Block ideas.


I travel and teach.

I travel and photograph.

I love maps.

I will use them as a background for my blocks. This is my hotel map, I've manipulated to take out some of the color… now I will print it on fabric. The image will go on top.

I'm not sure if I will use the map background  in 53 blocks, BUT time will tell. It will evolve.


An idea.

The rain forest, If you've been following my main blog, you realize that I have just been in the rain forest… so here is a small drawing I did this morning.

It's a bit fluffy round the edges… (that means a bit much…over the top etc etc.) but I like it.

Images of Inspiration





finished illustration

It could be colored and quilted, it could be made into a large applique.

It could be embroidered.

This pattern is copyright to Pam Holland



  1. FrancesB says

    I like this image quite a lot. Btw, when I attempted to register to follow this blog, the attempt kept failing (kept getting error messages from TypePad).


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