Things to see in Sydney.

I can't believe that I've spent an entire day without my camera at my side.

visited friends today and I knew the photo opportunities would be
limited so I left it at the hotel because I had to carry quilts on the

I leave Sydney for home tomorrow and the weekend is pretty well scheduled.

Of course I have to complete my "Devil is in the Detail" quilt for this week. It must be done by midnight Sunday.

That's the rules…. but then again I guess rules are made to be bent….

seen some wonderful things here in Sydney. The art gallery of course,
but I came upon a Unicef display yesterday and it was photo journalism
of 6 year old children around the world and they have illustrated how
they see themselves. The concept would make wonderful textile art.




I was very moved by the pictures.

going to try the idea with my small grandies… (I don't think it will
work on the uni going ones or the 16 year old :ouuuuu ones" but Miss
Tilly sees herself in a wonderful light and Kodi has a fabulous  sense
of worth.

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