Block No 1.

So the time is up…

Block No 1.

This time last week Carolyn and I were in the rain forest. It was a magical place.

So I decided on the rain forest.

I've only had a couple of hours to do the project today, and I can't quilt it because I lent my monofilament thread  to my friend…. I'll have it back on Tuesday.

I scanned my drawing, in fact I drew it smaller than 6" because I had to use an hotel cup holder as a guide.

I enlarged it to 6" today by putting the picture into 'pages' the mac equivalent of word. I could re size the pattern to 6" square by using the ruler in the program.

Then I traced the picture onto a good quality fabric with a 05 black pigment ink pen.


The fabric is not as high thread count as I would really like, but… it was the colour I liked.

The fabric is not washed.

Next I colored and shaded with Tsukineko fabrico pens.


I'm going to leave about an inch of fabric all round the image when I quilt it… because I'm not sure it I will make 53 small quilts or maybe join them.

I think they will be 53 small mounted quilts….!!!

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  1. Love the shading and colours, gorgeous. I tried to register but there was an error. I will try again later. šŸ™‚

  2. I really like the idea of the 53 small quilts they would make a great display. Love the design. That rain forest gets under your skin doesn’t it?

  3. mary fuechtmann says:

    love all your work must be the Vegemite that gives you the energizer bunny effect to continue producing at the speed of lightning

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