Month: December 2009

A little touch of summer.

We had a day out today and despite the fact that the burglar alarm in the studio went off twice… we had a lovely time.   We sat under a red and white umbrella and sampled grilled barramundi. A good idea for a quilt? This little quilt has the blue of the sky, a funky umbrella, the seaweed and the cloth from our table. There's a very long bridge over the ocean to Granite Island at Victor Harbor and it was aver 100 deg but the sea breeze kept us cool. Horse drawn carriages travel back and forth. The water is so clear that unless it ripples you can't tell it's there. The colors and texture were spectacular.     No real penguins, they were all at sea… we only got to see these.     The photographer in the water. So as you can see I have a lot of ideas for my challenge block.

A beautiful morning.

8.00 am It's a glorious day. going to get up into the 100's so we're off to the beach, sun, sand, blue sky turquoise water, fish and chips and ice cream… I worked for an hour or so on the quilting pattern on the Rhino applique… jeez who decided to put that pattern on the quilt… it will take ages.!!! Going to take photos for the next challenge block…. what will I find.? but in the meantime I have to give the hydrangeas a drink.

Aggies Quilt No 2.

I feel silly when I write… "Aggies Quilt No 3" I swore I would never do a series…. and here I am doing one… I went to a lecture once, it was so boring… it was a series of quilts, 1-40. It had the same theme… and the quilts were all the same with just a small variation… I sort of felt… it was a little indulgent of the maker to subject us all to her interpretations…. I didn't  get it really. So in doing this series, I've used different techniques and different designs, different sizes. The next design is pure applique and is the aggy in the process of almost full bloom. The following quilt will be full bloom and then death.  Just 6 in all. I've finished no 2. which is an imaginative design. Having taken a lot of photos, this quilt represents the bud of the agapanthus, I've also tried to represent the color and texture of the plant as the bud appears.  

Challenge block No 5 completed. 12″ X 12″

Thoughts and process:- When I dyed the fabric I didn't give consideration to the fabric outside the 6" block border. So I decided to leave it as it was with the blue floating out into the extended area of the outside border…. I like it. !!! Originally I began quilting with Mono filament thread in the top and gray 50 weight Masterpiece in the bobbin… I didn't like it…so I changed to black thread top and bottom. 60/8 sharp needle and 50 weight Masterpiece cotton thread. I stitched over the majority of the drawn lines with the thread. I leave the feed dogs up and use the free motion foot on my Janome 6600. They have a new tri free motion foot with double springs. It doesn't jump up and down as you sew but the quilt moves smoothly through the machine. Even though it's a free motion foot it moves the fabric forward like an ordinary foot… and remember I don't drop the feed dogs…. On the back I used a heavily patterned fabric, …

Challenge block No 5.

It's finished. It is actually square, but I photographed it high on the design wall, (I have too much other stuff up there… You may wonder why I haven't bound the edges…  well, I'm going to stretch these small quilts on canvas blocks… so binding would be too thick. Finishing Instructions are on….The Design is in the detail blog.  

The Design is in the Detail

via I wanted to create a Christmas block… Should I piece it…? I have a lot of patterns, I designed a lot of Christmas blocks some years ago… Somehow I want it to fit in with the detail of the previous blocks so the inspiration for this one came from one a Christmas book Callie had some 25 years ago.The instructions so far are via the URL above.

It’s Sunday and I have to have the quilt finished in about 9 hours.

Challenge Quilt No 5. I did make another quilt, but I decided I really need to create a Christmas quilt because it's Christmas…. of course. I know the quilt will shrink when it's quilted so I've drawn a 6 1/2" square, onto a piece of fine white cotton. I wet the fabric and created a wash with Cerulean Blue Tsukineko ink.   This is going to be a nativity scene, I've added some ghostly trees with intense pencil. The purple fabric at the top signify night clouds.    I've added a black tree as a silhouette. I'll balance the other side. OK, so now I need to quilt it, but I'm too tired…. I think I'm going to watch a movie. I'm going to leave the ink on the sides and quilt over the top of it…