Quilt Show Video.

8.00 pm.

It's been a nice day I've worked with friends on our joint project and after many hours of quilting, we can see the end in sight. (hopefully)

I'm working on the paperwork for a Teacher training day on Saturday,
The art of teaching adults. How to become an extraordinary  instructor and facilitator. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge with our local teachers.

Deadlines for other things are looming and I even forgot to tell you that the Quilt Show Video is up…. It was posted a week or so ago and now I'm just about to send the next one. !!!!!

Take a look, I hope you enjoy it….

Tomorrow is a day of business and to those of you waiting for requests to be answered…. I'll be right with you…. !!!!

Jamie left for a dangerous filming expedition early this morning, he'll be away for 3 months and I won't see him for 4 because I'll be in Mexico when he gets back. He'll have his 40th birthday during that time and another Christmas away from the family. So this Mum is a little solemn today…

Thursday is our friends funeral and a reminder that we need to make the most of every day.

Now is the time.

Start right now.!!!

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  1. FrancesB says:

    Thank you for that last reminder; I should adopt it as my mantra. Now IS the time.

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