Quilting Tip.

Just at the moment I'm in the middle of quilting a very large, and intensively quilted quilt…

I seem to quilt better in the early hours of the morning, but there is one difficulty quilting  at that time.

I find that the quilt moves much more fluidly under the needle when
the machine bed is warm. If I'm going to quilt at that time of the day, I need to
leave the machine on all night.

I don't have a problem with that, but yesterday I  alarmed the studio when I
went out in the afternoon and I was too tired to go through the alarm system
just to turn the machine on last night when we got home.

I leave my machine on all day normally, I've always done that and I find that my machine is much more user friendly when it's warm than when it's cold…. there is also a difference in the free motion stitch when the machine is prepared properly.

When you go to a quilting class, ask your teacher what she or he does to their machine when they free motion quilt, you'll be really surprised at some of the answers.

So, rather than begin doing the big quilt this morning I decided to quilt the small No1. Challenge quilt.

Interestingly, the design began at 6" and has shrunk over an 1/8th inch after the quilting.

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