Challenge Block No 3.

Thoughts and process.

Finished the quilt top…. now to quilt it. !

The blue fabric and the purple fabric have only been used because I didn't have anything else that color in the stash. It's a coarse fabric and has a white back…. I normally steer away from that sort of fabric if I can.

The are the same brand, and will fray a little when I quilt those pieces…. still it's a challenge.

The details are all done with pigment ink, but this time applied a little differently…. I'm going to save that info for a new class…!!! sorry. 

So, it's a pieced background.

Appliqued image and illustrated details.


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  1. Chris John says:

    Wow! This has come out really well Pam. It looks just like the original photograph. Love the shading. Will have to save up to attend one of your classes, preferrably o/s in some exotic location.

  2. Pam says:

    Yes, I’m actually using pigment ink in pencil form…. whoow, am I excited…for something this small, (remember it’s only a 6″ block) the ordinary pens are too heavy.
    Just using fabric is a bit too heavy handed also…
    I’m rather pleased…

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