What a day.

That's IT…. I'm Done.

I spent the whole day OUT today, shopping, shopping, shopping.

I bought cute clothes and weird presents for the grandies. I had to buy some more rats (stuffed ones) from Ikea, they have a whole collection at home and despite all the other fancy stuff the rats are the favorites…!! much to their Mothers distress.


The other day, there was one in the studio, lying on it's side… Rach asked Tilly to pick it up and put it inside the house.. until we realized it was real…..UUUUGGGG, ralfy bought me a trophy.  

I bought stuff for my friends to work on at a Christmas workshop, I'm going to introduce them to mixed media on Sunday, they come with their machines and I provide the rest!!!


I walked the market… and just happened to have my iphone ready to photograph my coffee and send it to face book, and then another small camera in the bag to photograph the watermelon.


I bumped into a (person you should know but can't remember)!!!! "I know what you're doing" she said… "I think that will end up being a quilt."!!!!

Oh, and the eggs.


You get real funny side glances when this young Asian guy runs up to you and gives you a bear hug… and calls you Mum….!!!

My youngest son Jinda


I woke this morning to find that I had fallen asleep in the chair and stayed there all night.!!!!

So that set the tone for the day.

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