Where did the day go.?

I just looked at the clock, it's 4.55, how did the day pass that quickly.?

I spent some time today with a delightful young lady, Georgia Button, just 14 years old, who one day will be one of our outstanding quilters. (Well she already is really) We talked, and planned and played with quilts.

 Georgia's Quilt

She gave me this beautiful "P" and orange, pink flowers with a star…..!!! I'll treasure them.


I've trialled my new glasses today and they work a treat… only those of you who wear glasses all the time will understand the immense relief you have that new glasses sit properly, mold well and you can see even better !!!

I never forget my first pair of glasses when I was 10….. I discovered that the  tree in the distance had leaves.!!!!!

Was it because I read by moonlight cos I wasn't allowed to have the light on at night….!!! or the fact that I read by candle at night under my fathers old brown woolen dressing gown…. can you imagine how dangerous that was…

I strained the heck out of my eyes… and I could have killed myself… or set fire to the house.

Yesterday was hectic and happy. 8 of my long time friends visited the studio and we made quilted present pockets.


They just had to bring their machine and I used my stash.

We've all been friends for 30 years and I encouraged them to begin quilting about 10 years ago. We only get together a couple of times a year now, and we're all sort of 'middling age  now….

Between us we have about 60 children…. and I sort of hiccup when I say that.!!! however, we have lots to talk about and we're all pretty proud of our offspring.

Miss Tilly arrived and joined right in. She said she had a lovely day.





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  1. Chris John says:

    It looks like you had a sensationally productive day Pam. Isn’t Georgia a talent! So inspirational in one so young. And what a thoughtful gift for you too.
    I can see Tilly growing as a very talented artist too. She is certainly being nurtured in that direction.

  2. I only got as far as
    “I never forget my first pair of glasses when I was 10….. I discovered that the tree in the distance had leaves.!!!!!”
    I got my first set of eyes when I was 4 (very vivid memories). The first of those is seeing a leaf on a tree! I thought they just were on the ground!
    I slept in my glass till I was 18 – when I was 4 I had to leave them on so I could see my dreams!
    I’ll go back and read the rest of your post now! Georgia is an awesome talent!
    You are the first person I have even met who understands the leaves “on” the trees!

  3. Lynn says:

    My husband said the same thing about the trees/leaves with his first glasses at age 5. Who is the fellow in the background in your group shot? A neighbor, a quilter want-a-be?
    Love your blog!

  4. Georgia says:

    Youre so beautiful Pam! THANK YOU SO MUCH for a day I will NEVER EVER FORGET!
    Lots of Love from Georgia xxxxxxxx

  5. Pam says:

    Georgia, it was a pleasure…

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