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Challenge Block No 4. in the making.


Thoughts and process:-

This weeks challenge will cover two  genre's the Aggy project and the weekly challenge.

I'm beginning with a photo that was taken a coupe of weeks ago.

I have a 50 meter roll of very thick vellum, it's actually the paper draftsmen use for their drawings. It's easy to see through and being thick it has considerable body to last as a permanent drawing for future use.


I traced the image with a .05 black pigma pen.


It's clean, simple and will be the drawing for my pattern.

I'm using a new product…

Inktense pencils…. pigment ink in a pencil. Can you believe it.!!!

Inktense water soluble pencils allow you to have intense color as well as some softer color. The difference between water soluble colored pencils and Inktense pencils is the fact that Inktense pencils are virtually permanent once they have been moistened and dried. Water soluble pencils offer subtle color while Inktense colors are vibrant and more opaque. This media is relatively new to the market and takes some getting used to, but is very versatile.

So I traced the outline of the image onto fabric and began to color.



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I travel the world teaching and talking. Photographing and writing, Sharing experiences What a way to go.

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