Gabriella Goodness and her Angelic friends.

It was really hot yesterday and Tilly and I took our drinks out on the balcony. "Are there monsters under the steps" she said.

"No, Gabriella Goodness and her Angelic friends live there" I said…. remembering a quilt I made a long time ago.

It featured Gabriella Goodness and her friends (who are all angels)

They live under the balcony steps… and every night they come out and dispense goodness to everyone who happens to pass by our house… they also spend a great deal of time coloring my hydrangeas blue.

I forgot I hadn't told the story to Tilly and Kodi… I wrote it for Chianne and Jordan who are now 18 and 16…!!

The quilt was packed away and I decided it was time to share it with Tilly.

I felt sad, those little angels who had played such a big part in my life 10 years ago were locked away in quilt storage…..So my Christmas gift to you all is to give you the pattern…. one block a month for the next 12 months beginning in January.

It's a "Fu Fu" Quilt, but each block can be a small quilt if you like…. in fact, I've taught most of the blocks as a class.

The First block is in the centre of the quilt.

Pamela the Keeper of Perfect Pathways.


But I guess I need to Introduce you to Gabriella first.



Gabriella lives in my garden.

She lives under the Hydrangea bushes just near the balcony  by the front door.

In summer she can be seen tending the magnificent blooms that appear like magic every year.

As a matter of fact she has been seen quietly lending a helping hand with her paint brush to the bloom that don't quite make the mark.

From a very early age she has been a staunch believer in the Pollyanna Principle.

"There's always a little good in every situation"

Her aim is to spread "Goodness" to all who live in the house or pass by.

Scatter seeds of kindness

Everywhere you go.

Scatter bits of courtesy-

Watch them grow and grow.

Gentle buds of friendship

keep them till full-blown:

You will find more happiness

Than you have ever known.

Amy R Raabe

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  1. Judy B says:

    Oh, the memories! Lovely to know the quilt will be appreciated by the next generation.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, and may 2010 be everything you can wish for, for yourself as well as that same family.
    Judy B

  2. Ky Adams says:

    Dear Pam, how exciting….I can’t wait for these block patterns! That is very thoughtful and generous of you, Merry Christmas to you and your family! PS: I use my middle name but my first name is Gabriella! 🙂

  3. NicoleG says:

    Hi Pam,
    I love the Gabriella story, there must be a little magic in every childs live!(and adults) Sharing the pattern is so nice of you, I’ll be looking forward to it … maybe the angels will become elves on this side of the world… who knows?

  4. NicoleG says:

    Hi Pam,
    Forgot to ask, .. what’s a ‘fu fu’ quilt?

  5. Dolores says:

    I look forward to the blocks. It looks like an interesting quilt with a lovely storey.

  6. sharon says:

    Can’t wait for this, I love your work and watching all of the intricate steps you use to create. I love this site! Thanks

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