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Tilly can fly

Tilly learned to fly yesterday.

Father Christmas asked Papa and Uncle Ben to erect a play gym in our backyard because he was going to be exceptionally  busy tonight, Christmas Eve.

Yesterday was her first experience of the play gym and with the impulsiveness of youth, she learned to fly.

I think we can all relate to that. It's pretty much taken me a bit longer.!!!!




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I travel the world teaching and talking. Photographing and writing, Sharing experiences What a way to go.


  1. Those photos just say it all Pam. It is so nice to see the exhilaration in the simple pleasures of life. So refreshing.
    I can see why this young lady lights up your life. She is truly adorable.


  2. Wendy in Kennewick says

    What an angel. I agree with Chris’ comments. I think you have that flying thing under control also.


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