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Aggies Quilt No 2.

I feel silly when I write… "Aggies Quilt No 3"

I swore I would never do a series…. and here I am doing one…

I went to a lecture once, it was so boring… it was a series of quilts, 1-40. It had the same theme… and the quilts were all the same with just a small variation… I sort of felt… it was a little indulgent of the maker to subject us all to her interpretations….

I didn't  get it really.

So in doing this series, I've used different techniques and different designs, different sizes. The next design is pure applique and is the aggy in the process of almost full bloom. The following quilt will be full bloom and then death.  Just 6 in all.

I've finished no 2. which is an imaginative design.



Having taken a lot of photos, this quilt represents the bud of the agapanthus, I've also tried to represent the color and texture of the plant as the bud appears.



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