Month: January 2010


Quilters are the same all over the world. They love to share the projects they are doing, they are warm, friendly and belong to the sisterhood. Whoops this sounds like a religious order… No it's not but we could call it the Quality of Quilters  We had a wonderful brunch today with the ladies of Ajijic, the food was delicious, the conversation great. I am now in the B&B. Estralitas Ajijic It's delightful… you walk down cobblestone streets, the buildings are painted bright colors… everyone says Hola…. and it's like being in a documentary. Gallery I have to do my challenge block tomorrow before the reception tomorrow… I have a few ideas…..!!!! I will also do the podcast cos it's Sunday tomorrow here and I get an extra day this week. I forgot to change money from US dollars to pesos. I almost had to starve, but I met an American lady in the street and asked her where the exchange was, she took me there and it was closed so changed the money for …


      ‘Unpredictable’,  -      circumstances beyond our control. I guess, ultimately, our life is unpredictable, but traveling reinforces just that. Communication is the key to  normalcy and connecting to the Internet in a posh hotel in LA should be a cinch, but it eluded this computer last night. Information on the sudden death of a cousin not much older than I filtering through a weak signal was tragic.Peter, was a bit of an unusual bod…. talented beyond imagination and Father to 11. He spent years researching our families heritage and leaves us a wealth of information especially relevant to the artists who came before us. I was in and out of my PJ’s 4 times last night.  It’s not a good look sitting in the lobby with in your PJ’s with your computer propped on your legs. At 11.30, I hit on the idea of using the hotels computer  “why didn’t I think of that before” but alas, that had shut down too…. Back up again to the room to pack, then I noticed they …

Back on track.

I'm frustrated, I had to get out of my pj's to come down into the lobby to do the blog….. It's interesting though, as a people watcher I could write a page…..!!! The Internet in the room just doesn't cut it…..and I can't add a gallery of photos at this time. 24 hours makes a huge difference in the life of a Traveler. Thank goodness my brain is back to normal, the fog has cleared and I've put in a pretty full day ….. just as well as I leave for Mexico tomorrow… a 6.00 am start. I spent the day at the Getty Museum today…. many of you will remember my excitement when I visited last year. The season is different, the light brighter and clearer, the photos are different but the ambiance is stupendous. When I was 10 years old I haunted our little local library and took out all the books I could on art. I  poured over the art of the Dutch Masters, I got excited at the art of Rembrandt  …


It's quiet and calm in the club,  music is coming from an unknown source and is gently soothing the soul, there are no windows in the this part of the building, but the lighting is gold and warm. They make real coffee in real coffee machines, (a must have for a coffee lover) the food is fresh and the serves are small. Just what you need when you're traveling. Unlike other tours I have few flights on this trip… Just 6, but I'm going to have a couple of interesting bus trips to talk about. Walking through immigration, I got questioned about my hand luggage, the cameras weigh a ton, the little honey was going to make me go back down to Qantas and get a sticker…BUT, I talked him out of it. Never the less despite my calm exterior, the blood pressure rose and I forgot to fill out my departure card properly. Pamela. Get a grip girl.

Portrait class online.

I think this quilt is fabulous and this is the email from Marjolein one of my students in Thailand. Hello PamIn October when you were in Bangkok I had the pleasure to follow your lessons for 2 days. After that I purchased via LQuilt the Impressionist portrait. I have enjoyed both lessons very much, and learned a lot.I will send you a picture of my quilt, H1N1 that I made after both lessons. It will be hanging at my art quilt exhibit at the Neilson Hays Library in April, together with some other quilts I made.Thank you, Marjolein Bastiaans You can't imagine how pleased I am when I see students move on to bigger and better things. Fantastic.!!!

The devil is in the detail

As the metal impressions around the roof were stylised I wanted my image to reflect this.The first face is  the sun who is represented as a man's gold face.  I cut an applique piece in bronze fabric and then drew a face onto the fabric.  I didn't trace it as I wanted a folk art type drawing like I had seen on the Kantha embroidered  quilts.I used a piece of fabric I had dyed for the background and a chalk pencil for the drawing as I knew this could be removed with an art gum eraser.  I then appliqued the main outline in place and sewed around the details in a thread which was the same colour as the fabric.  This held the fabric in place and I had a guide to follow after I erased the chalk pencil.  I then used a gold metallic thread to highlight the details of the face and hair.  I used a fabric pen to give a bit of shadow.  I then indulged myself by quilting the background with …

Challenge No 9. – adding to the Aggies theme. Completed.

I've enjoyed doing this project… It's was a little fiddly to get all the green images in place, but it looks quite realistic now that it's finished. And the background is growing on me. I mentioned I had difficulty with the purple fabric… however I think I've managed to disguise the white halo with purple Tsukineko ink by gently illustrating the edges of the applique piece after it was appliquilted. I didn't want to quilt the buds too much because I wanted them to stand out a little… they are quilted around the edge of the applique and just a little t define the petals. I've used 50 weight Masterpiece cotton, the rest of the quilt is 100% cotton. I did illustrate a little, but quite minimally… I used fabric pens and inktense pencils. It's already in the bag ready to leave.