A funny day.

Well after a night without much sleep I decided to seek assistance for my shoulder.

I have a torn ……….(something) so back for more treatment every couple of days… no exercising, no weights.

I went into one of our 'cheap' shops today and as I was coming out I spied a man with a plastic owl and a big blackbird under his arm.

Intrigued I left the counter and went to find the treasures… 

And there they were..big shiny blackbirds for $6 each, so I bought 6. They have a stake right through their back to keep them in place…. it sort of puts you off really.

In our art galley on a bright yellow floor are a gathering of great big black ravens in different positions… but they are always in a circle..  I just love it and always wanted to do a quilt like that…

So now I have my own flock.

It was baking hot down on the back block but armed with a hammer I stealthily staked them into the ground, laughing to myself.

Keith had been mowing the grass and had gone inside for a drink… by the time he came back downstairs I was relaxed in the chair watching TV.

Suddenly he shot back inside…. quick, come and look at what these blackbirds are doing" he said… "they've made a circle…"

It took him a few seconds to realize that I was laughing… !!!!!!

The grand kids will love them.



Jack's not impressed he's staying well away.


Ralfy says…"What on earth are those things"

OOOH almost finished marking the rhino Quilt….tomorrow I will get there. Bad shoulder and all.

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  1. Di says:

    What a hoot, Pam. I love them!

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    What a great trick! I hope your shoulder heals quickly.

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