The beginning of the day.

5.00 am and still very dark…

It's going to be very hot today so an early start is the go so I can have a little time in the pool in the heat of the day, it's also a good time to ring the USA for business.

 I'm getting old… the body is falling apart. I jogged yesterday and my legs are telling me so. By the time I went to bed last night the calf muscles were in revolt. I made a vow…. Jog little honey. Then again, just walk.

On a serious side thanks so much for your comments about Jamie. I just saw the  collision on TV. It is certainly amazing footage. There are other parents concerned too as their offspring are facing danger and have been injured.

Now we find out that the Japanese are using Australian planes to spy on the Sea Shepherd…. Those Aussies should be ashamed of their actions.

BUT. I begin quilting the Rhino today and I'm rapt…. I'm also going to do a short video of the illustration of the "Pamela" block and I'll put it in the blog.

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  1. ann says:

    The crew are so very brave, I am delighted they are safe. The Japenese should be ashamed of their action. ann in uk

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