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Challenge block No 7. – Mexican tiles

Thoughts and process:-

It's been unbelievably hot today, I think I've mentioned that quite a bit this week.

I've not been able to achieve all that I wanted to do, but I may be able too tonight…

I've been working on the notes for a class called Mexican tiles and I decided to make another form of tile… pure applique.


 This was my inspiration. Lets look at this picture… there's so many images and wonderfully blending colors in this photo.

Orange, mustard, blue, white. I didn't have to go too far into the stash to find just the right ones.


How about this one.



Just wonderful eye candy.

Doors 1

 Quilt designed from the doors in Mexico.

So here I am getting carried away.

I'm not going to show you just how I made the design because it's for a class project.

But this is the block before it's quilted.


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