Pollyanna is back.

9.00 pm and it's been a pretty good day today. You can't keep a good Pollyanna Principle girl down.

No dramas today.

No feral doves. 

I isolated the ring leaders with 4 red pegs and piece of cardboard over the entrance of their aviary. The babies and their Mum and Dad can rest easy.

AND the Manager of the tree lopping Company is coming to see me tomorrow.!!!!

Business today and a new idea for keeping me on track. Libby Lehman uses this idea and I saw it on the Quilt Show…. clip boards, named. One for the work of the day, others for current ideas, projects, travel and sticky notes that progress up to the work of the day….

I've only had it a day and I have taken off two sticky notes already, guess I could keep the notes in a pile as a tactile affirmation of work completed.

I think it will work. !!!!!!

IMG_0148 IMG_0149


The brochure for Chicago arrived today and prompted me to put the info up on the web page…

That's a tomorrow job…

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