Challenge block No 8. – Mexican Mural

Thoughts and process:-

I love the murals in Mexico and last year in San Miguel Allende I had time to walk around the city and take photos…

I found an amazing venue that seemed to be a Cultural Art center  and I decided to use one of the photos from that visit.

It's bigger than my 6", but then again, the rules are flexible.

I love going into a project and you just don't know how you're going to achieve it… but here I am early Saturday morning, I'm supposed to be exercising and I just want to quilt.

So far I've spent an hour and a half on the project and it works!!!!! wooow.

I printed my photo on Printed Treasures inkjet printable fabric. It was given to me in a goodie bag at Houston, so I'm doing what they ask us Tutors to do… sampling.

I ironed the printed fabric to a fat quarter of fabric simply because I needed something physical to hold on to while I quilt… I will cut it back when the project is finished.

In the photo below, I've quilted the background with green. I've used a free motion zig zag.


Then I experimented with adding colour to the background, working on the skin color… Now I've worked it out… I just need to finish it.!!!

In this photo you can clearly see the zig zag. It's small, and I'm governing the length by the speed I move the fabric and the pressure on the pedal.

The feed dogs are up.

I've also stitched a straight edge around the image.

  You need to refer to the photo constant… it's the same as drawing you have to watch the angle of the line.

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