Challenge No 8 – completed.

I got up early this morning and finished the quilt… in reality it only took about 15 minutes to do it but I was tired last night.

In the past few months I've done 4 pieces similar to this, but not quite in this genre.  I can't show them because they are for exhibition.

However, this is the first time I've used one of my photos on a fabric base to create a quilt.

Indeed it is a quilt, 3 layers, but I've painted with thread to achieve the quilting and it opens up a whole new path to walk down. Can you imagine one of my Russian photos…. an icon, heavily gilded and strong dramatic lines… I think that has to be on the the do list on the clip board.

I've added a border to this piece, I haven't quilted it because I am uncertain has how these pieces will be exhibited… I've made mention of mounting them on canvas.

Ultimately the 52 weekly blocks (or small quilts) will be an exhibition which will be shown with the sketches, paintings or photos…



It took about 8 hours to make this piece, but in between, I had time to play on the swing with Savannah.


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  1. This lends itself perfectly to thread painting. A whole new world Pammy. Beautiful. The quilting and Savannah.

  2. Chris John says:

    Pam, I just love this one. You have outdone yourself again. That border brings out the colours beautifully. Where are these going to be exhibited and when?
    Savannah is drop-dead gorgeous. If I had her around I would never put my camera down. This photo is magical. I bet she is a little darling.

  3. Pam says:

    Yep, I guess you can tell I’m excited at conquering a different genre…
    As for Savannah, what a joy… she just sees the funny side of everything, although she’s not too sure about those crows…

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