How fast are you dancing.?


It's not me who is dancing too fast

It’s not me who is dancing too fast
It’s the violins that play too slowly.

– Marie Duplessis, nineteenth-century socialite

While traveling, I talk to my family on skype.

One day I was talking to Rachael and I could see Tilly dancing in the background.

She came forward and did a very exaggerated Plie.

"My goodness Tilly why do you have to bend your legs like that" I said."

Oh Bamma, don't you know, that's so the fairies can fly through.

"P for Plie, P for Pam and P for peas please.

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  1. Robyn Kirk says:

    Oh my gosh Pam, how happy does that make me. Out of the mouths of babes…… I have a grand-daughter Maisie who I can imagine saying the exact same thing. Some days there doesn’t seem a lot to make you smile and then along comes a child!!!!! Thank you for making my day.

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