Challenge No 9. – adding to the Aggies theme.

Thoughts and process:-


This is the last week home in the studio  for a while.

I considered doing a block to represent the "Tour down under" bike race that passed through our town on Thursday, but somehow this photo jumped out at me and I thought I can add another quilt to the aggie series.

I still have the sketches of the bike race, so I just might add them

I'm still undecided on the background fabric… it probably should have been plain with less definition.. however, I can make it work..

Creating this blog is like putting together a jigsaw.

Beginning with the piece that is the  in the background first…. one tiny piece after another, I've built it up.

The green fabric is a graduated fabric from Mckenna Ryan. The purple is horrid… but the only color I had in the stash to  match… the reason I say it's horrid is because it is a little open weave, and it has a white back… which means I have a "halo" of white on the edges…

Then again, the way the light is hitting the flower, there is a halo surrounding the image… so I think I can make it work.

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  1. Chris John says:

    Pam I love those graduated McKenna Ryan fabrics. I have them in a few colourways after you mentioned them at the workshop in Mildura. They work well for your aggie. I see what you mean about the purple fabric. That’s something I have discovered recently too in some applique I am doing. It’s annoying.
    I like the background fabric. I like the look of light and shadow in it and I don’t know if it is just the photo but it looks like the sun playing in the foliage behind the aggie.

  2. Pam says:

    Thanks Chris, I’ve finished putting the applique down and now I’m quilting it… I think I can cover the halo, but it is extra work..
    I think the background works OK, but in retrospect, I might have made it a little flatter,.

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