The devil is in the detail

As the metal impressions around the roof were stylised I wanted my image to reflect this.The first face is  the sun who is represented as a man's gold face.  I cut an applique piece in bronze fabric and then drew a face onto the fabric.  I didn't trace it as I wanted a folk art type drawing like I had seen on the Kantha embroidered  quilts.I used a piece of fabric I had dyed for the background and a chalk pencil for the drawing as I knew this could be removed with an art gum eraser.  I then appliqued the main outline in place and sewed around the details in a thread which was the same colour as the fabric.  This held the fabric in place and I had a guide to follow after I erased the chalk pencil.  I then used a gold metallic thread to highlight the details of the face and hair.  I used a fabric pen to give a bit of shadow.  I then indulged myself by quilting the background with suns. 


This is a link to Carolyns Challenge…. I love it… The face is fabulous…

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