It's quiet and calm in the club,  music is coming from an unknown source and is gently soothing the soul, there are no windows in the this part of the building, but the lighting is gold and warm.

They make real coffee in real coffee machines, (a must have for a coffee lover) the food is fresh and the serves are small. Just what you need when you're traveling.

Unlike other tours I have few flights on this trip… Just 6, but I'm going to have a couple of interesting bus trips to talk about.


Walking through immigration, I got questioned about my hand luggage, the cameras weigh a ton, the little honey was going to make me go back down to Qantas and get a sticker…BUT, I talked him out of it.

Never the less despite my calm exterior, the blood pressure rose and I forgot to fill out my departure card properly.

Pamela. Get a grip girl.

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