Quilters are the same all over the world.

They love to share the projects they are doing, they are warm, friendly and belong to the sisterhood.

Whoops this sounds like a religious order… No it's not but we could call it the Quality of Quilters 

We had a wonderful brunch today with the ladies of Ajijic, the food was delicious, the conversation great.

I am now in the B&B. Estralitas Ajijic It's delightful… you walk down cobblestone streets, the buildings are painted bright colors… everyone says Hola…. and it's like being in a documentary.


I have to do my challenge block tomorrow before the reception tomorrow… I have a few ideas…..!!!!

I will also do the podcast cos it's Sunday tomorrow here and I get an extra day this week.

I forgot to change money from US dollars to pesos. I almost had to starve, but I met an American lady in the street and asked her where the exchange was, she took me there and it was closed so changed the money for me herself…..!!!

How's that for kindness….OK, I didn't get ripped off, I checked it and the rate….

Then I spent and hour or so chatting to a gal from Texas and a gal from Canada in the restaurant when I was eating…. what fun….

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