Why did DF Lawrence hate Mexico.

D.H. Lawrence hated Mexico, but loved the light in Ajijic–so much so that he incorporated it into his novel The Plumed Serpent. Nearly 100 years after D.H. Lawrence immortalized Ajijic and the surrounding Lake Chapala area I imagine the light is still the same, but it has disappeared today and instead, grey clouds, and heavy rain took it's place. But there is beauty in the mist shrouding the Mountains and the water streaming over the cobblestones to the lake beyond the houses.

It was frustrating last night, after forgetting my cord for the computer  I had no entertainment… (I normally watch the news streamed from the USA) I had to go to bed and watch my ipod… that's a bit hard when it's so small, but you can put it under the blankets to keep warm. I woke up with the earphones imprinted in my ears.

We had a later start today due to an adventure with a power outage and lack of keys to open the gates… then the hall.

So we stood out of the rain and chatted till assistance came.

We finished the Monet project and began the collage… and I'm impressed with the quilts… what a talented group. 


Another small problem was encountered when one of the ladies lost the keys to the "Damas" down the loo…they jumped out of her pocket and clinked their way down the pipe. She was distraught… I'm really sorry, I laughed !!!!!!!


I had the most amazing lunch at the cafe on the corner of the Plaza…. but I can't remember it's Mexican name, I'll have to find out and write about it tomorrow. It was a culinary feast.

It's the first time I've ever taught with my red trench coat and scarf on… it was cold in the room because the top half of the windows are just mesh, no glass. 

Once again I competed with the bells and the roosters during a close and personal talk, but it's just plain charming and the ladies are just the best.

It's 11.00 pm, I've caught up on the business I had to do last night. Had dinner with a charming lady called Marg who is staying at the B&B. We had show and tell for a quilter who just happened to be staying here too and then wandered down to Number 4 it turned out to be an excellent, upscale restaurant which is beautifully decorated and has an exquisite atmosphere, offering fabulous Eclectic cuisine and piano bar every night. The fire was blazing and we had a great discussion over beautiful food.

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