Photo Gallery of Tonala, Mexico.

Classes are over for this week and now it’s time to explore.
The rain has been relentless and the locals tell me “it’s most unusual, even in the wet season, it generally only rains in the evening”.

I slept fitfully. Waking constantly to the sound of the rain as it streamed off the tiles on the roof hitting the floor below with an exaggerated splash, as water on slate naturally does.

The bright red furniture and purple walls looked sad under grey skies.
The weather is the topic on everyone's lips and our breakfast discussion was no exception.

I was fascinated by the rain streaming over the cobblestones it was a wonderful sight.
“Rivers of rain” was the conclusion.


The phone and the Internet have been affected and our B&B proprietor is in a quandary, things don’t get repaired quickly here.
I, on the other hand have to use my trusty Iphone to get emails and answer the urgent ones.

I breakfasted with some of the ladies from class and then Martha and I took off for the town of Tonala, some 30 minutes drive from Ajijic.

The rain stopped and I could see patches of blue in the sky. My childhood belief, filled me with hope as the skies began to clear. “If there is enough blue in the sky to make a sailors uniform, then it will be a nice day”

We stopped to view a wonderful Mural made by Efren Gonzalez I had to take 7 photos to get it all in.

Efren Gonzalez was born and raised in Ajijic, a student of the Santos Degollado, Secondary School, at the top of Encarnacion Rosas. Never did the artist dream he would be the painter commissioned to adorn the huge wall facing the main entrance. He's 28.


Martha is the most wonderful guide and  my questions didn’t seem to faze her, in fact she relished my exploration of a subject.
We wound our way through the hills, the lake behind us shimmered and reflected the surrounding mountains as the sun re-appeared after 3 days of solid deluge.
By the time we arrived in Tonala, there was enough blue to make a 1000 sailors uniforms and I knew the day was going to be bright.


It was Market day. The streets bustled with people going about their daily business. The shops and houses open onto the street and the narrow brick pathways leave little room for personal space.

Every thing is bright. Bright houses, bright signs, bright attire and a cacophony of sound.
Even the gas man is singing the praises of his wares.


Look up, to see the beauty, look down to aid your footing, look sideways to be inspired and the adrenalin flows.

Martha was just as excited as I and we often pointed out the same things at once. The Tortilla shop with a crowd of people lined up to buy fresh sweet tortillas.


A painting, a pot and even the beautiful colored glass.
The entire city is like a huge art market. Store after store of hand crafted artwork. 


Martha chatted with everyone and I was privileged to be included. The friendliness of the people was overwhelming.

A young woman was decorating plates. Martha visited with her and translated my questions.

She explained that they handmade their own brushes. Some were made from cat hair, some from dog and there was even some that we couldn’t recognize. The hair was simply held  onto a wooden stick or an old biro casing with a piece of thread and a rubber band. I'm going to try that when I get home, we've got tow cats and a dog… I don't think they would mind a hair clip.


We were given a tour of the factory and it was fascinating to see the beautiful pottery in process.

We wandered down the street, stopping to chat to people in the stores.

You may ask, what has this to do with Quilting? Well, everything really, I find inspiration in almost all I see, a tile, the color of the sky, the face of a woman at our lunch stall.

Talking of lunch. We decided to join the locals at a street stall. Tables were set in a rectangle and there was even a covering of plastic to keep out the rain if necessary.

Those behind the counter were busy making delicious tortillas…

Meat, sauce, coriander, chili and sweet onion in a soft of hard tortilla. We ordered two each and then had another.


I chatted with the little boy next to me and let him look at my camera…..

We visited with a young couple setting up their pottery business. I  accidentally knocked over a pot…. so off course I paid for it…

We chatted for ages. he told us he was taken to this place at the age of 10 to learn to make pottery and has been there ever since.

His wife looked so young and Marthat told her I made textile art…. I shared some of it with her on my Iphone and she was just amazed. "I want to do your class" she said. As we left they asked for photos and I will send them one… the young man reached up and bought down two ceramic hearts and gave them to us….

Special and a poignant moment.

What a day, and that was just half way through… the rest of the photos are in the gallery.

I enjoyed taking them, I hope you enjoy looking at them.

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  1. Chris John says:

    Thank you so much for your story and images. It’s almost like being in Mexico with you.
    I just wish we could experience the smells and taste of the foods that you photographed as well. They looked divine!

  2. ann says:

    again, thank you for allowing me to follow your travels, I learn so much from your stories and wonderful photos. I yearn to travel.

  3. Pam says:

    Thanks for the comments folk….
    The days are full of anticipation and enjoyment.

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