Sun on the walls, blue, orange, purple and red ochre.


Cobblestones roads centuries old.

How many feet have walked here.

What dramas have unfolded over the years.

From donkey and cart to motor vehicles.


Food to tempt the pallet sold on every corner. It looks delicious and if you're like me you can't resist tasting it you're in for a treat.

Music to make you dance.


Vision that makes your heart beat just a little faster.


I've been filming today, visiting the Tuesday Market, preparing my presentation for tomorrow and tonight we had the most wonderful Mexican dinner prepared by Yoli and Rachel. 

The soup was made from pork, accompanied by radishes, onion, oregano, chili and you eat it with tostillas, green sauce, avocado and cream. OOOOh.

Then we had hot rice putting with vanilla bean and dried fruit and Mexican coffee with tequila. Now I have to sleep

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