What an opportunity.

Here I am in central Mexico. On the TV (in Spanish of course) is the show my son filmed last year, “Whale Wars”.

What a small world.

I have been thinking a lot about the value of the experiences I have. I'm so lucky and I embrace them with passion.

Just small ones like the sound of an insistent car horn. It begins in the distance and gets louder and louder, It happens once in the morning and once at night, its the baker as he slowly drives  along the street with his cart load of freshly baked bread.

Men with  sun hardened leather faces ride in from the country on their burros with big sacks of wood for the fire and mulch for the garden.


The Gas man sings a special song…. and there are others who ply their trade….!!!

Our Mexican friends are quietly spoken and work diligently at their own specific trade. I’m in awe at the artistry exhibited here, this is truly and artisan society (without the yahoo and hype) We could all learn a lot.

Even the experience at dinner tonight…

We visited a small local restaurant… Yoli asked the chef to surprise us….and what a feast it was…. freshly baked bread, mexican dishes and strong coffee….


My presentation went well today. We didn’t have enough seats and the class has swelled to 30. We have the most amazing classroom, an entire conference room with a Gazebo, a room to dye the fabric in and a room for the video…..!!!! woow.


View from the Gazebo room


What on earth was I saying…?

I now have the opportunity to bring new ideas in the art of quilting to my friends in Mexico… I consider it an honor rather than a teaching experience.

Morning and afternoon coffee and lunch is provided…. no wonder the classes are full.

How lucky am I