Diamond Lill

10 past ten and I'm going to bed…. I haven't long been home and it's been a wonderful day.

The students are amazing.

  I get the best students….

DSC05593 DSC05594


I broke a nail yesterday and it kept catching on the fabric all day today so I had them done this evening…

I usually have a "diamond" in the pinky.

But I looked up and she had put then on every finger… then she put acrylic over them… They won't come off until they grow out…. so now I look like "Diamond Lill"… so much for no bling.

Son Jamie is having amazing adventures in the Antarctic, it's been on the news here, but I got it from the sons mouth….

Got to get up at five to work… so this is a short post.

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  1. Di says:

    A great way to “shine”! Picture please, Pam?

  2. Wendy says:

    I, too, wondered about a picture of the new bling. Good to hear that you’ve talked with Jamie. The students dyed fabrics are wonderful. The colors truly represent everything you’ve taken pictures of.

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