Jack be nimble, Jack be Quick.

Jack, be nimble, Jack, be quick.

Jack, jump over The candlestick.


The lace makers of Wendover in Buckinghamshire were a lively bunch. Every year on November 25th, they celebrated the feast of St. Catherine, their patron saint. Costumed as men, singing special love songs for the occasion, they visited neighbors, who served them wiggs – buns flavored with caraway seeds – and a hot pot – a drink of warm beer thickened with rum and whipped eggs. Afterward, they held a banquet and set off fireworks, especially Catherine Wheels. In conclusion of the evening, they played leap-candle. A candlestick with a lighted candle was set on the floor. A player's jumping over the candle without extinguishing the flame augured good luck for the following year.

I'm thinking of beginning a tradition similar to this in Quilting.

You may wonder why I have been researching this… well it's part of the traditions in sewing that I'm studying for the Bayeux book…

Then on the other hand I had buns flavored with caraway seeds given to me the other day….

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  1. Marie says:

    Pam, I hadn’t had the chance to thank you for the San Miguel classes, they were wonderful. THanyou, thank you, thank you. As soon as I finish my life tree I will send a picture to you. I found your Free BOM, Gabriella Goodness, and will start it next week.
    Thanks again for the wonderful classes

  2. Pam says:

    Mariaelena…. you are most welcome… I look forward to seeing you project…

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