Bright Bras.

I fell asleep last night to  the strains of a wonderful party in process, the music was incredible.

I was too tired to do the blog, too tired to do the podcast and too tired to show you the latest challenge picture….

Were on location filming all day today, but I do hope to do it all tonight, but then again you never know

I had a tense day waiting for some news from home all day yesterday which took it's toll. The news is great to I'm jumping today. In fact three wonderful events occurred yesterday so that's even better.

I just have to say that living in a village like this is a privilege, I have never seen so much art and culture in one place.I'm learning so much on my course…. we are working hard, but it's valuable experience.


Bright Bras, too.!!!

I hope you got a chance to view the Gallery in the previous post, I just had to pinch myself being in the environment.

It's time for coffee… it's pure and the grounds are boiled on the stove in a big old pot. It's certainly a heart starter…

The burro is (making a burro noise) braying I guess it's called.. the turkey is in fine form, the roosters have been quiet today and the school band is drumming up a storm of enthusiasm.

Thrum, Thrum, no doubt it's to march the children into school.

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