Month: March 2010

How many stitches.?

How many stitches in the small of your back does it take to render you an invalid.  10… unexpected stitches in the back and 10 in the leg… The problem is, they won't come out for 3 weeks and I will have to do it myself…!!! Well the leg will be OK,  the back… interesting.!! Maybe I could make it a class project.

Block 18 is a little different.

How did I make it? well I cheated, I already had the flower and the rabbit on the piece of black felt… I don't even remember why I did it really. I don't even know how old it is… I just found it as I was cleaning out… via Do Rabbits chase birds?…. well in my imagination they do. Follow the URL above for the inspiration.

Block 18 is a little different.

I'm going to be away over Easter so this is my Easter block, I'm getting in early and once again, the block is bigger than 6"  it's 17" X 14". It's a little Folk Art in a way, a bit Fu Fu and I used fabric, wool and felt. If I felt so inclined I could bead it, but I'm not that keen. Look closely and you can tell I'm not an embroiderer like my mother…. my stitches are clunky. But it was a 'challenge' once again and I do admit, that I really don't like the last 4 blocks I've done… (including this one) I think that it's a challenge to get out of my 'box'…. I could do 52 blocks similar and they would all match, I could do 52 blocks in the same genre as well, but that defeats the purpose… so here is my little whim for Easter. It's up on the design wall and I'm sure I'll add more things over the next week. How did I make it? well …

Latest Video

Join me on my travels while I worked in the village Teotitlan in Oaxaca. I hope you enjoy the colors, the inspiration and the new quilts. It's about as close as I can get to sharing the sounds, colors and inspiration with you.  visit the Quilt show

Students work.

One of the nicest things about being a teacher is the interaction with Students. One of my students in Mexico has made a super quilt with inspiration from class in San Miguel Allende. It was lovely in class and now it's finished. It's just great. Take a look. Quilts and threads blog It's a huge responsibility being a teacher… a few years ago it worried me considerably. I wondered where the bar ended… and was I having the correct impact on the students in my class. I sought answers from friends that I held in high esteem. Basically they told me, you worked hard to get this far, now work with it…. so I am. The photos below have been sent to me by some of my recent students… I love seeing how they have progressed. I'm chuffed King Marjolein  Bastiaans Jan Reed   Lucy, Mexican Tiles in Mexico City.

Thanks on Mothers behalf.

You know, I guess we take it for granted that our parents do things… Mum embroidered all her life… I thought "every Mother does that" Just like all my children thought that every Mother had a shed and went out there to play with fabric. Joshua, aged 33, had one of my books in his bag the other day…. "What are you doing with that Joshy." I said…. "Oh, I'm going to show it to my mates at Strath……" His comment later the next day… "Gees they thought your work was Wicked" Joshy is my staunchest supporter… almost getting in a fight with a fellow worker over whose Mother was the most clever a few years back……! I shake my head and smile. So now I will make sure Mums work is  appreciated and remembered…. and I thank you all for you kind comments.

Block No 17 completed.

Beginning with the lips, and a rayon thread, I first began quilting with a straight stitch and very quickly changed to a free motion zig zag. I change the stitch to 1.5 stitch width and 1.5 stitch length, feed dogs up, free motion foot on the machine and go for it… You will the width is really  set by the dial, however, the length is up to you and the speed with which you move the fabric. To view the process click the URL below. via