Almost there

I’ve had 7 hours of sleep, my legs are aching from sitting in a seat for far too long.

I’ve had 3 plane flights so far, one more to go and I’m scared to sit in a comfy chair in the club because I’ll fall a sleep. I'm sure I would snore… I'm so tired.

Up till now I've had a total of 36 hours travel.
I’m sick of lugging heavy cases and trying to pretend they are light. My hand luggage case broke on this trip and it’s been a bit of a challenge.

So why am I smiling….well, walking  to the loo on a bumpy airplane, it’s just plain funny and I smile involuntarily.

Walk down the aisle on a plane in the dark, and it’s like a cartoon, everyone in a different pose, most sleeping, I wish I could take a photo….it makes me smile.

The last two days of my stay in Oaxaca was in  an hotel in the city…. it was just lovely, quiet, rooms around a central courtyard, minutes from the Zocalo, (centre plaza) Just like a documentary event…. I appreciated it.
My room was high tech, well organized, mood lit,  but the bed was so darn  hard and I had to lay 4 pillows on the mattress to be comfy….  funny.

BUT, shifting to the city I missed the sun coming in the windows, my chair in the sun on the balcony, saying hello to little old lady next door, the sound of the chickens and donkeys… the smell of the smoke as breakfast was being cooked and the people I met in the village.

I don't know how it happens to me, but I got caught in the middle of a demonstration today. 1000's of people waving flags and walking down the street near my hotel. I was engulfed, so I just took photos.

I love Mexican food…. in fact I’m passionate about it…. but all I could think of was a hamburger for my last couple of meals…..funny.
My last meal before I left…..I thought, OH, I’ll just have soup for lunch before I leave, I couldn’t read Spanish so I  decided to have  (soupe)……When it arrived my face must have been a sight, I think it was mashed brown bean,  with a lump of cheese and butter floating in it…
I ate two mouthfuls. You don’t eat beans when you are going on a long plane flight… I don’t think so…


I had my cases wrapped in plastic at the Oaxaca airport…. they look like mummies and they are safe from damage and prying hands… BUT  try getting  them off the luggage carousel in LA and I fell and nearly ended up on the belt with them… funny.

LA, the Qantas check in is generally efficient and slick, I go to the first class aisle… not because I’m traveling first class today, but because I can with the color of the card I hold.
A young woman with a strong accent and a terrible sniff checked me in, I almost whipped out a tissue to give her…I’m not hard of hearing, but I couldn’t understand a word she said.!!  funny.

Qantas, lift your game.

The club at the airport in LA was packed, last time I was there, we experienced an earthquake. Hope we don’t have one today….I was in Chile during an earthquake once, I missed the whole thing because I was shopping. I wondered why everyone ran out of the store.

The Aussies in the club talk too loudly on the  cell   phone… I was privy to some interesting conversations.. I could even offer some advice. !

The sun is coming up, but my watch says it’s 5.00 pm on the evening…. funny.

How can one person have so many wonderful experiences in 5 weeks, I’ve met the BEST people…. I’ve shared so much…

THANK YOU one and all

Now in about 8 hours, I will be greeted by an excited family, we have a wedding in 3 days time….. and trust me…. we will laugh and cry though the whole thing.  It's going to be special.

I have to work night and day on the rhinos, get my alphabet framed, the letters are getting smudged in my sketch book and have quality time home.

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  1. I do hope that home means rest will come easy. Your life is certainly a busy one – congratulations to the couple.

  2. Judy B says:

    I am tired after following you around ….. and I have followed via your blog! Haven’t had to lug one case, even empty.
    It has been a fun trip for those of us reading ….. thank you!
    Judy B

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