Now I’m Hollandaise… Saucy.!!!

I receive lots of emails a day and I do have permission to share this one with you.

I am flattered.

Dear Pam,

A few days after your quilting class here in Ajijic finished Ken and I went to pick out glass for our planned art piece for the March Ajijic Society of the Arts show.  We had a color scheme in mind but were not able to find the colors we planned on using in stock.  I don’t usually pick orange and neither does Ken, but we found we were drawn to orange as the inspiration color for the piece.

Later as the piece came together and we were looking for a name we settled on “Hollandaise” because we came to understand that your affinity for orange had been the creative spark for us.  Our inspiration came from Holland , the person rather than the country.  We love explaining the name to the curious.  Our “Hollandaise” didn’t win a prize but it is our favorite piece.  We want to share our excitement with you and would be honored if you would choose to share our story and art with your fans.

DSC01070 DSC01072


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