Ravi Shanhar

His last performance before his 90th birthday I took this on my iphone and sent it from the performance. It was an amazing experience, but really 30 minutes was enough, 90 minutes was quite a long time to listen… but glad we did.

We attended Womadelaide. 

The music legend, who will turn 90 in three weeks' time, has no intentions of stopping to play in future.

"Music is what keeps me going. I can never stop thinking of new things, composing new things," the Australian quoted him as saying.

Meanwhile, Anoushka is grateful that her father has been her master too.

She said: "I started performing with him when I was 13 but I've been learning from him since I was nine.

"It does put a bit of pressure on you learning from a master but it's a high standard.

"If your teacher is that incredible then your education is that incredible."

Shankar is also the father of singer Norah Jones. (ANI)

Ravi Shanhar

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  1. Rachael Holland says:

    There’s only so much Sitar you can love then it all hippy head shaking and the mist of kooky substances wafting over the crowd…Ravi is a legend tho!

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