I think this is block No 15.

This is a different block and It will accompany block No 10, the Mexican Quilt.

I mentioned in the previous post that I wanted to create some lilies to add to the quilt.

I have some applique lilies ready to applique on the Frida Quilt but because I'm still working on the illustrated border I have to keep them separate until the quilt is ready. 

I scanned them at high resolution and printed them on the bonded fabric from Printed Treasures.

I ironed them to a piece of muslin (calico), but there wasn't enough body to make them stable…


so I redid them and added thin cotton 'warm and natural' batting and then a muslin backing and they are much thicker and will stand alone.

I first quilted them with a mono filament thread and grey 50 weight thread in the bobbin.

Right now I'm thread painting each color.

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